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MOYO Properties

Ayize and I worked together with him as senior partner on a purchase, renovation and resale property in an up and coming neighborhood in Durham. Ayize’s leadership, vision, and creativity throughout the process was the primary reason we ended up with a successful and profitable outcome. Whenever we hit a roadblock or encountered an unanticipated problem, I could count on Ayize to analyze the situation, make a plan, and then thread the needle on its execution.

Ayize “brings it” along a variety of dimensions. He has significant experience on the real estate side and thus can navigate that changing landscape quite easily. On the rehab side, he quickly developed a network of suppliers and contractors locally that allowed us to do a significant renovation and still bring the house in at a price point where we could sell it at a reasonable profit. And knitting it together is his passion and work ethic and agile navigation through a complex and uncertain process.

MOYO Properties

“…first time homeowner…”

I am a first time homeowner and investor, thanks to Town Loans and Ayize Glenn Gray. Mr. Gray played a pivotal role in ensuring that the mortgages I attained best suited my needs. He shopped among the many lenders with many different loan programs to get me the best deal available. Mr. Gray educated me about various loan options and the pros and cons of available features. In doing this, he saved me both time and money. Mr. Gray took the time to understand my overall financial situation. He made sure that my loan package was polished, complete and presented in its most favorable light. He literally held my hand through the whole process of filling out the documents required by lenders and tenaciously urging me to get my documents in so that my loan package was complete. The personal service that Mr. Gray provided made a process that could have been a totally stressful endeavor, one in which I was mostly at ease. It is evident that Mr. Gray has the knowledge, experience and the know how of the trade. Thank you again, for all of your hard work. I am absolutely thrilled, excited and proud to be the owner of two new properties in Georgia.